What to Look For in a Bottled Water Service

So, you decided to stop drinking tap water. Many people made the same decision and began to drink bottled water. Are you inspired by the idea of ​​making endless trips to the grocery store for tons of bottled water? You are not alone. More and more homes and businesses are opting for bottled water industry services. Regardless of whether your reason is based on a decision based on taste or health problems, take the time to choose a bottled water company. You must consider three critical factors before committing to deliver water to you.

To provide the population with quality water, public wastewater treatment plants use chlorine and other disinfectants to solve the problems of bacteria and algae. They use reverse osmosis or other filtration methods to reduce minerals and metals, as well as other factors that affect water quality, but they can only do so much. The pipelines through which they send it may not be “intact.”

In some areas, lead is an integral part of the pipelines and soldered joints. Most at risk are people who live in old houses or work in old buildings, as well as those who live in the ancient city, where the pipelines were not replaced since lead was banned in plumbing. If you know or think that point is a problem in your home, a high-quality ion-exchange water filter is an affordable solution.

What is a problem for everyone served by utilities is disinfection. In many countries, disinfection has almost wholly destroyed waterborne diseases, but many people still don’t suspect the price. The cost of reducing the number of diseases transmitted through water has been an increase in the number of cases of cancer worldwide.

Twenty years ago, some scientists saw a cancer growth trend and blamed it on chlorine. Chlorine is not a problem. The real question is the by-products of disinfection or DBP, as the researchers call them. Most of these chemicals fall under the category of THM. You could just keep it simple and call them cancer-causing chemicals.

High-quality water filtration devices remove chlorine as well as many cancer-causing chemicals. A two-stage device, which includes granular activated carbon and a block containing several different types of filter media, is most effective, reducing the chemical content by 99% or more.

Customers who receive quality water industry services report from their utilities will see “cysts” on the list. Cysts are protozoan life forms that cause diarrhea and other symptoms similar to food poisoning. A healthy person does not need to worry too much about cysts, but people with a dysfunctional immune system, and people with poor health can die from consuming cysts.

The highest quality water filter removes cysts by using a sub-micron size filter. They are resistant to other methods of disinfection.

With all the problems that affect water quality, there is no doubt that almost everyone needs a home filter. This article covers only a few reasons why.
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