Safety Tips to Be Followed in the Gas Pump

Filling up the gas tank of your car is a regular task that every driver needs to perform time to time except in cases of the electric vehicles, of course. But though it is the most common things you do every day, it is one of the high risk places to get trapped into a mishap, if you are not careful. While refilling your fuel tank, you must remember, that you are in a highly inflammable premise, where even a small, apparently innocent mistake that can lead to a fatal fire disaster.

So, how to stay safe in a fuel pump station while refilling your car fuel tank? An experienced staff serving at the Chevrolet dealer Glenwood suggested the following safety tips that should be meticulously followed by everyone around a fuel pump station.

1. Always Turn Off your Car Engine

While filling your car fuel tank,  make sure to turn off the car engine in order to avoid any probability of sparks and ignition that can turn into fuel fumes.

Little amounts of fuel vapor tend to get displaced from the tank while refilling. If a vehicle engine is left running, that creates a potential source for the fuel igniters like sparks from the vehicle from its exhaust pipe and lead to an instant blast.

Even phone chargers left on in the cars can also become another source for fuel fire accidents.

2. Never Use any Matchstick or Lighter

Anything that is tool to create a Spark should be completely avoided inside the premise of a fuel pump station, as it is a highly inflammable place. So, even common sense says, that using a matchstick or lighter in the station will trap you into high risk of inflammation.

3. Danger Caused by Mobile Phones

Mobile phones do cause sparks and can ignite vapors of car fuel. That is the reason why many pump stations stick up statutory caution not to use mobile phones inside its premise.

4. Avoid Static Electricity Sources

Static electric charge can start building up on your body while sliding across the car seat, especially in dry winter seasons and a spark can set ignited without your knowledge. If this happens in the petrol station, the fuel vapor surrounding you can catch fire in an instance. Same can happen if you comb your hair.

The best to avoid any such chances of misfire, discharge any static in your body before you reach the pump nozzle by touching the metal parts of the vehicle.

A Word of Caution

The Chevrolet Glenwood service center experts also suggest to keep in mind that car fuel also cause harm if you are exposed to it for long. Other than irritating your skin or eyes, it can cause breathing troubles especially in the kids. So, avoid staying longer in a fuel pump station, and never forget to keep good amount of water inside your car to stay safe, especially around the car fuel pump stations. 
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