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The only one thing that hits our mind when we say the computer is virus. There is a virus spread all over the internet waiting to damage your computer or leak data the instant you click on them.
But there are common ones which you can identify easily. And then comes the ones that are known for creating heavy damages. For instance, Doom which affected in 2004 was the most expensive virus as it led to the destruction of files and software worth 38.5 billion. So going for tech support like Norton internet security contact the UKis helpful.

Some of the most common yet dangerous viri which exploit your PC or laptop is as follows

Resident virus
These are considered to be the most dangerous type. They affect computer by automatically installing them while you are not aware. We categorize them into two. The slow infectors and the fast infectors. The slow investors are difficult to detect as the make their destroying remotely hiding from our view. The other one is really fast in destroying making it easy for us to spot.

Polymorphic virus
This kind of virus is used to changing their binary pattern constantly making the detection process difficult. They are extremely difficult to detect as the anti-virus programmes think that they are any other common file because of their nature. So you are going to have a really bad time if you are having to deal with this.

Boot sector virus
Just like its friends it has its own list of damage records. It's ultimate aim as soon as reaching your computer would be to infect and destroy master boot record. In some cases, the situations are worse demanding a full computer reformat. Though their impact has been reduced in recent times owing to various developments, they still happen to pose a great challenge.

Direct action virus
This kind of virus happens to be the less dangerous one when compared to its fellows. They attack your computer not by downloading themselves like others but by attaching to a file. They search for other files to spread. They are not as destructive as others. They don't end up destroying everything. They are also easy to remove as they don't hide as others.

Overwrite virus
These are the most common viruses owing its existence right from 2000. They are also considerably less dangerous than their counterparts. Removing them is also easy at the same time. They destroy the contents of the file they have attacked or have attached to. This will require us to delete the file permanently if we want to get rid of them.

The above are some of the common types of virus that infects your device. There are cases where the entire system including your anti-malware gets infected. Getting a professional help like Norton internet security contact UK is the right choice to make under such circumstance. But you can also treat them by yourself if the virus is a small one.

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