Can Oil Filter Be the Reason Why Your Car Engine is Not Starting?

To make your car run, the engine needs a few primary elements that is fuel, air and heat. In the vehicles engine receives its air to breathe from the intake, generates heat with the help of spark plug and compression, while the fuel pump stores the food. But before the fuel enters the cylinder, it has to pass through various tubes and fuel filters, fuel pumps, and then the fuel injectors. But at times vehicle engines can face trouble in getting started, but what can cause an engine failure? Can a part as insignificant as the oil filter play the mischief? Let us investigate!

To know if the oil filter really can stop the engine from starting, we asked an experienced mechanic from a renowned auto repair shop, who explained us the following:

He said, unlike the electrical system, the fuel system works in a series of functionalities. So, any part of the fuel system will have a direct role in affecting the entire system. The oil filter that stops any dirt or foreign element from contaminating the engine oil and from there the engine system, can surely stop the engine from getting started, if it itself gets damaged. but to understand how, we must know about how it works.

The Role of Oil Filter:

The oil or fuel filter in a vehicle is supposed to stop finer particles, from 1 to 75 ┬Ám, from entering the house of engine like dust, silt and pollen. In Diesel vehicles the oil filter is also made to separate the water component from the fuel, as well. The fuel system of a vehicle consists of a Fuel Pressure Regulator that help maintain the right amount of fuel pressure, constantly, by bleeding off the excess amount of oil or fuel to the tank. The Fuel Injectors on the other hand deliver certain amount of fuel pulses to each of the cylinders, that is finally controlled by the engine control module.

After knowing the fact that the fuel has only one path to travel from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors makes it easier to understand how a filter problem can stop the vehicle engine from starting.

Process Explained in More Detail

When a fuel filter gets dirty, it fails to prevent the dirt from entering the engine, and hence the path gets blocked by dirt, debris and silt. As a result the fuel flow can get blocked out entirely, if a large amount of debris gets accumulated in the fuel path, and hence can stop the engine from starting altogether. Clogging of the fuel filter is the most commonly seen fault in vehicles, that can be majorly caused by excessive contaminants deposited in the fuel. This again goes back to the root cause of a bad fuel filter that has not been changed in time, and has worn out of proportion, so much so, that it is now mostly unable to filter out any contaminants from entering the engine compartment.  

To know if the oil filter of your vehicle has started wearing off, inspect it during the process of oil change either by yourself, or take the help if a professional to take the right decision at the right time, before the oil filter can stop your engine from starting.

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