Global Waste Management Market Size, Industry Analysis and Opportunities

Waste has become an unavoidable part of modern-day life, with waste being generated in solid, liquid and gas forms directly from consumers as well as by industries in developed and developing countries. As the global human population continues to grow, the waste generated is correspondingly increasing, resulting in even greater importance for the global waste management market. The overall process of waste management refers to the activities that take place to manage raw waste from the point of generation to final disposal, including collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal.

The global waste management market has already crossed a valuation of $508 billion, with the amount of waste generated at a global level increasing day by day. By 2025, the amount of global waste in terms of volume is expected to reach 2.2 billion tons. Click here to know more about the global waste management market. 

Global Waste Management Market Size

The global waste management market is classified on the basis of the type of waste, waste management service, and region. According to waste types, the market is divided into industrial waste, municipal waste, and hazardous waste, with municipal waste accounting for the single largest segment, a trend that is expected to continue in the near future. Based on waste management service, the market is broadly divided into collection services such as collection, transportation, storage, handling and sorting, and disposal services such as recycling, landfills, composting and anaerobic digestion.

High market maturity regions are Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, the U.S., U.K. and Western Europe while medium market maturity regions are Eastern Europe, Canada, Singapore and New Zealand. The adoption of waste management processes is low in emerging economies, for example those in APAC and LATAM. These markets are expected to have great potential for waste management growth by 2020.

Global Waste Management Market Size Industry Analysis

The increasing adoption at a global level of integrated strategies for waste management and sustainable waste disposal indicate a greater buyer maturity and interest in partnering with suppliers. Correspondingly, suppliers are also boosting their capabilities and evaluation metrics to cater to the growing demands. 

Buyers have a lower bargaining power for small contracts between the range of $5-25 million as compared with larger contracts of over $25 million. Labor accounts for nearly 40 percent of total costs with the most popular pricing models comprising of fixed-fee model and volume-based model. Key players in the market are Veolia Environmental Services, Suez Environment, Remondis, Urbaser, FCC Environment and Clean Harbors.

Global Waste Management Opportunities

There are immense opportunities in the global waste management market, driven by increasing awareness among the general public and nations overall regarding the amount of waste that is being generated, especially non-biodegradable waste. Across the world, waste is piling up in landfills, polluting oceans and becoming hazards, which is why effective waste management is growing in demand, along with demand for the development of more innovative and safe methods to deal with waste.

Germany already recycles and reuses over 75 percent of the total waste generated, indicating that it is possible to effectively manage generated waste.  Although the APAC region is still in the initial stages for the waste management industry, it has great potential in coming years, especially in revenue-generating opportunities and regulatory changes. Technology is expected to play a major role in the global waste management market by providing opportunities for easier sorting and recycling, thereby making waste management more accessible.


Rapid urbanization, globalization, and consumerism have fueled the exponential increase in the amount of waste generated by the world overall. As the negative impact of waste becomes even more evident, the market for effective global waste management is expected to grow further. 
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