The Taj Mahal Construction at Mumtaz Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a funerary monument built between 1631 and 1654 in the beautiful city of Agra, Uttar Pradesh state located in India, on the banks of the wonderful Yamuna River.
Known as one of the most beautiful and amazing palaces in India and best known for its beautiful love story behind this beautiful palace.

Construction of the Taj Mahal
Its construction was in charge of 20,000 workers, using the best materials using the white marble that had been transported to the area on the back of elephants, also included precious stones such as sapphires, amethysts, quartz and even diamonds. It is estimated that the approximate cost of this construction was Rs 50 million, which would amount to about 500 million dollars.

As to who built the Taj Mahal or who was the architect who designed this spectacular palace, mediated by rumors and its history, many people talk about Ismael Kahn with the help of artists from New Delhi, architects of present-day Uzbekistan and dozens of calligraphy experts from Syria and Persia. There were 37 main artisans who directed the work of the 20,000 men mentioned above.

Love story behind the Taj Mahal              
We have all done crazy things for love, some travel hundreds of kilometers to meet that special person even for a moment and others even tattooed our couple's name, but there was a man who decided to remember in a beautiful way the woman who most I love life, without thinking that its creation would become one of the most important precincts in India.

The fate of having found true love and losing it made Shahbuddin Shah Jahan future fall into a deep depression and as a result to show the world the love he was processing for his beloved command to build the Taj Mahal.

As the story tells us, Prince Shahbuddin Mohammed was touring a bazaar when he met Arjumand, daughter of the court's prime minister, who was trying on a diamond necklace. The future monarch was so impressed with his beauty that without thinking twice he decided to pay 10,000 rupees for the object and thus win the heart of the princess.

It took 5 years for Arjumand and Shahbuddin to get married, during this time they didn't see each other once. Arjumand would not be the prince's first wife but his favorite.
Finally the wedding was held in 1612 and it was said ceremony when the emperor named Arjumand as Mumtaz Mahal.

It had not been long when his beloved Mumtaz gave birth to his fourteenth son, but the queen could not bear childbirth and in her last dying words asked King Shah to build in his memory a unique monument in the entire world.

The monarch hired 20,000 workers mentioned above and it took 22 years to complete the palace.
The construction of the Taj Mahal also contains several legends, in those we can find the stories of the architect, Ustad Isa, although it is not known if he really existed. It is said that Emperor Shah Jahan wanted the architect to feel the same pain as he and for that reason he sent to kill his wife and once the construction was finished he left him blind and cut off his hands so that he would never build something similar before.

It is true that our follies for love will never overcome something as important and perfect as the Taj Mahal, but because of the fact that the monument exists, it reminds us that we can always do something special for that feeling, even something beyond death.

Tourism in the Taj Mahal
Before I start telling you this fascinating jewel of world history, a warning that many know as others do not. India, one of the most curious countries awakens in many travelers, is also a destination that requires certain precautions, especially in health matters. Hygiene, food and contact issues with animals or insects are especially dangerous in some regions of this country.

The price of the entrance to the Taj Mahal has changed in December 2018. There are now two options when buying the ticket or ticket:
Taj Mahal only: Entrance to access the enclosure and see the Taj Mahal outside = 1100 rupees.
Taj Mahal with Mausoleum: Entrance to access the innermost enclosure, to the mausoleum = 1300 rupees

Accommodations near Taj Mahal
There are several places to stay near the Taj Mahal but the following I will recommend have a very good service and are near the palaces which are:

Hotel Siddhartha: This simple and economical hotel is located 1km from the Taj Mahal, 3.2km from the Agra Fort and 3.9km from the Jama Masjid Mosque. The cozy and functional rooms include wooden details and a desk, flat screen TV and free WIFI, has restaurant with garden

Hotel Taj Resorts: It is a modern hotel, located in a beige building, is 1.1 kilometers from Taj Mahal and 14 km from Agras Airport, the rooms are modern and have free WIFI, flat screen TV, coffee maker, kettle and minibar, include two restaurants 

Hotel Atulyaa Taj Agra: This is located in a modern and elegant building with a stone and glass exterior, 1.3 km from the Taj Mahal and 4 km from the red walls of the Agra Fort, the elegant rooms have modern décor Free Wi-Fi, has a 24-hour coffee shop serving free continental breakfast and regional dishes and a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Taj Mahal.

The following restaurants that I recommend, Good food, good atmosphere and Good quality are my favorites: (Yes Restaurant, Joney's Place, Dostea Café, Shankara Vegis Restaurant, and Treat Restaurant) but the best of all is Joney's Place is one of my number one!

Some curious facts about the Taj Mahal
·         Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife the prettiest way to show all his love for her
·         Legend has it that he loved his wife so much that when she passed away she turned all her white hair a few days later due to the sadness she suffered from the loss
·         It is said that more than 20 thousand people and 1 thousand elephants participated in its construction to transport the materials 300 kilometers away

·         The tajs Mahal is built with white marble but unfortunately due to the passage of time and pollution have caused the facade to begin to yellow, so the government of India has decided to prohibit the movement of vehicles
·         It is a sacred building that has a mosque and on Fridays it is closed to tourism because it is a day of prayer

·         The entrance to the mausoleum includes a bottle of water which is a nice detail since it is very hot and especially in the summer months
·         The white marble on which it is built reflects the colors of the surroundings, so that it seems to change color

·         The walls have inlays of up to almost 30 different types of precious and semiprecious stones , which throughout history are known to have suffered occasional looting
·         In the early nineteenth century the English government intended to demolish the Taj Mahal to auction the marble in London

·         The security measures to preserve the building are very rigorous, so tourists are allowed to use cameras, but in no case of tripods, and selfie sticks are not allowed.

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