How to Rehome a Pet

Rehoming your pet is an emotional phase. Who wants to get separated with a pet that they’ve lived with for the better part of their lives? The bond is unexplainable. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, sometimes you are obligated to take such decisions. For instance, you’re shifted to a new country or state and pets permit is restricted, or sometimes due to old age, loss of home and so forth. You still want the best for your pet, so how do you ensure that you find a loving home for your pet?

Here are some tips to ensure that you comfortably move the pet and settle it to its new home

Get Your Pet Ready

You need to make sure that your pet is properly ready for a new home. Take him to the vet to ensure that he is healthy and vaccinated. Ask for bills in the paper so that you can hand over to your new owner. You can also take him to a pet grooming store for a nice proper bath. Make sure that your pet is clean, trimmed and groomed. Take care of the eye gunk, fleas, and mites.

Give an Advertisement

Give an ad in the local dailies or social media. In that regard, take a good photo of your pet in a well-lighted room or even outside with natural lighting. Make sure that your pet is looking its best. Describe your pet in the advertisement. List down their physical and behavioral traits and be upfront about it. Mention their age and weight as well.

Spread the Information

Take advantage of social media and contact your friends and family. Tell them to circulate the ad and help find one who can adopt your pet and give it the warmth. You can also seek help from your vet, local shelters and pet groups. Make sure all the description, traits, and details are also listed in social media.

Surrendering Your Pet to A Shelter

If you’re finding it difficult to find a new home for your pet and your time is running out, then surrendering your pet to an animal society, animal rescue, or municipal animal shelter is a practical option. Understand and consider each organization’s adoption policies before you give up your pet. Find out if that shelter home collaborates with other organizations to increase the adoption chances of the animals. Make sure the homes are reputable and don’t have a history of mistreating animals.

Contact Pets on Deployment If You're Military

If you are in the military and are deployed to other places, contact these services. It will help you connect with people in your area who will be willing to take care of your pets while you’re away.

Choosing a New Home For Your Pets

When people show interest in your pet, talk to them. Ask questions such as what kind of homes your pet will be moving in, is it a pet-friendly place, is there anyone in the family that doesn’t prefer pets.? Such questions will help you get the best option. Remember, even if you are giving away your pets, the safety and comfort of your pet should be your priority. Make a background check and try to figure out if the new owner is a pet lover and can take care of your pets.

You should feel comfortable with whom you're choosing to give your pet. Make sure the person is ready to take on the responsibility and will regularly take your pet to the vet.

Invite Them Over

If they seem like a good choice, invite them to come to meet your pet. Try to notice how your pet behaves with them or how they behave with your pet. Be patient when finding a home. Don’t rush. Your time and effort will eventually reward you by finding the best home for your pet. You also need to prepare pet transportation in time by booking the services a reliable company so that you don’t have to rush the last minute.

Provide The New Owner With What She Needs

Once you’re done choosing the new owner, make sure you provide them with the necessary items. You might want to hand over your pet’s toys, bed, leftover pet food, and treats. You also need to provide them the medical history of your pets.

It’s not easy to part with your pet and neither is it easy for it to leave home and people it is used to. However, it is for the best of your pet. Try your best to help your pet transition to her a home. If possible, spend some time with it at the new home so that it adjusts easily. You can also carry with you some item from your home which it loved; for instance, it could be that chair- having it on the other side will make it feel at home. That way, your pet will have a certain kind of assurance. Rehoming your pet is never easy, but sometimes you just have to, depending on your priorities and work.  

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