How to Maximize the Mileage Range of Electric Cars in Cold Weather

Driving an electric vehicle during the winter might pose some challenges that are more than the regular gasoline cars. And this is because of the battery that solely runs your EV. The cold weather not only can delay the starting of the car but can also affect the mileage range of your electric car. 
The worst thing it can cause is make you stranded at the middle of the road with a dead battery. If you want to avoid such unfortunate situation, here’s a serious piece of advice we have collected from the experts of the Hyundai service near Pitman on how to maximize the range of your electric car battery in the days of hard winter.

Why the Cold Weather Affect the Batteries?

We all know that cold temperatures have a harsh effect on any kind of batteries. When it comes to electric car, its effect can be seen in the slowing down of the electric car battery’s functionalities, that firstly include the range of mileage.

Such slowing down of the battery functionality means that the battery pack has now having lesser energy in its store that is required to move the car in its usual pace, and the effect can ben seen directly in the shortened driving range. Moreover, cold batteries do take longer time to get charged up and also face difficulty in holding the power well when the outside temperature is significantly low.

How to Improve the Range?

Now the next question in our mind will be, what can solve this issue, and how to improve the range of the electric car? So, here are those valuable suggestions we gathered that will help maximizing the range of mileage of your electric car.

Preheat the Car Before Use

The first step towards reaching your destination at the usual pace of your electric car is warming it up when the car is still plugged in. it will allows the car to use the power of electricity directly from the grid itself to do the same from the battery, so you save in its usage.

Drive Consciously

Driving an electric car is a bit different than driving a regular gasoline car, especially when it is winter out there. When the question is already put up about the possibility of reduced range in your electric car, all you can do to maximize its driving range, is driving consciously. Saying that, the experts of the Pitman Hyundai service meant that your car should be well maintained, with properly inflated tires, having fresh filters, driving on economy mode and avoid hard acceleration as well as hard braking, which will drain out the car battery much earlier than you were prepared for.

Reduce the Car Burden

We are all aware of the simple fact that snow or ice require the car battery to work much harder than usual times, that ultimately affect the driving range. So de-burden your car by clearing off any deposits of ice or snow from your electric car before you start driving.
Following all these tips will surely help in maximizing the driving range of your electric vehicle, even in severe cold days.

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