The 5 Rules of Covering Dark Circle

God has made everybody beautiful. He has sculpted us in his own way, we can't be perfect anytime. But we humans need us to be perfect every time. Especially the way we look matters a lot to everybody. One unwanted thing in our face is dark circles. We don't want it to be placed there beneath our eyes, but it remains there. Although, after switching into a very healthy lifestyle like having plenty of water in a day, including green vegetables in the diet, getting enough sleep, doesn't take stress about things very much, etc. till then you'll notice that dark circles are still staring back to you. But don't you worry. In this era of perfectness, you can hide your flaws to make it look naturally beautiful.

In this content, we are going to discuss some very quick makeup tricks that can help you get rid of those dark circles for a few hours.

1.      Always apply foundation then apply concealer: if you have light "dark circles" then this makeup tip will be very beneficial for you because applying a foundation of your skin tone will provide proper coverage to your skin. Then you can apply one shade lighter tone of concealer to build a full coverage under your eyes. You can easily get concealer online using Nykaa Sale with great discount.

2.      Try to draw a triangle under your eye with concealer: it is advisable by every makeup professional to apply concealer in a triangular shape, keeping the base of the triangle underneath your eye and the points of the triangle towards your cheeks. Surprisingly, it will give an illuminating effect that will make your face look more lifted and gorgeous. 

3.      Apply concealer when there is discoloration: sometimes we apply foundation and concealer so much that it later looks a cakey face in altogether. It’s always recommended that conceal that part of under eye which is being discolored. Don’t apply layer after layer in an expectation that it’ll look good.

4.      Choose your toned concealer widely: choosing your toned foundation is the easiest task you can ever do but choosing the right concealer is a bit difficult. It is always advised to get a one tone light concealer to conceal your dark circle as the same toned concealer may convert you under eye look gray and having a gray cast can make you look much older than your actual age.

5.      Try to hide puffiness of under eye using darker shade: some girls have puffiness underneath their eyes naturally, it remains all the time. But in some professional scenario like meetings or parties, it doesn't look good at all. So the best way to hide puffiness, as well as a darker "dark circle", is to conceal it with a darker toned concealer. This will not only make your eyes look good but it will make your eyes look refreshing also.

There are numerous tips and tricks of makeup by which you can hide your flaws. It’s general and natural also. Accept your flaws with grace and keep rocking like a queen. Makeup will help you look much prettier. When you are done with concealing your under eyes, don’t forget to cover up all the points of makeup also. Like applying eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, highlighting the inner corners of the eyes to make it look more bolder. Also, contour your face so that your face could get a beautiful dimension. Highlight those parts which are bulging out like front bone of your nose, your beauty bone also. Covering your dark circle will not make your look complete if you don't apply these steps. So applying these in altogether you can get a perfect looking and beautiful face. And on the top of all these do take care of your under the eye. After applying all the products you need to cleanse your face nicely, tone it and then apply moisturizer to give moisture to your face. Your face also requires breathing, applying makeup for longer duration stops that oxygen supply to the face. So it’s better to cleanse off the makeup and apply moisturizer to let it breathe. To take special care of your under eyes always apply an under eye cream that can reduce dark circles gradually after regular use. In addition to this if you are looking for Spices Board Recruitment then it could be best chance to try it.

Covering the dark circles is fine and it is required when you have no time in your hand and you need to rush to a party or meeting in a few moments. But there are several DIYs or superb under eye creams that can help you reduce your dark circle so that you require very less makeup to hide them.

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