How to eliminate Japanese knotweed without using herbicide? Check it out here.

There is a more tolerant way to get rid of Japanese knotweed on your backyard which is actually being followed by the majority of homeowners today knowing that there are harmful effects in the environment and health when using chemical herbicides.

The invasive plant called Japanese knotweed continues to wreak havoc among property owners and homeowners across the United Kingdom which takes a concerted effort to eliminate it completely because of its damaging effects particularly decreasing the value of the property.

There are many ways to eliminate Japanese knotweed in your property by taking organic weed-control steps to deal with it while at some degree choking it with tarpaulins by covering every patch of it to prevent photosynthesis to process its growth.

To help you out getting rid of Japanese knotweed without using harmful herbicides that can poison the soil and ruin the environment, one of the most effective way to eradicate it is to cover it with tarpaulins by carpeting all of the patches of the weed to choke it out.

To learn how to remove Japanese knotweed down to the ground, here are some useful tips.

        Cut down the canes- The Japanese knotweed will not grow back if you cut the canes. It is very important to cut it down as much as you can and as many, as you can by using loppers in cutting off the canes as short as possible closest to the ground. After cutting the canes, you can remove the cut pieces of it from your lawn or backyard and dump it properly inside a bag in order for it from to not regrow its roots back.
        Use tarpaulins and cover every patch- Carpeting the entire vegetation of Japanese knotweed with thick tarpaulin enough to cover it from the sun to prevent photosynthesis to set in and prevent the weed from growing rapidly until it slowly dies from not having enough sunlight. Before you cover it with tarpaulin, you should cut off all the sharp canes and twigs to prevent it from puncturing the tarpaulin.
        Continually mow the weed regularly- If you mow it or cut it continually each week, the plant will die by itself. The plant will be weakened and die because of exhaustion for forcing itself to regrow but cut off by your regular mow and cutting. Make sure that you cut off immediately all the regrown parts of the plants in order for it to exhaust itself and die eventually.
        Dig the roots and stem- Digging is a surefire way to kill Japanese knotweed. You should carefully dig deep enough to reveal the roots of the knotweed and uproot it completely. You should make sure that everything that comes with the Japanese knotweed is completely removed including the twigs, leaves, and of course the roots and rhizome that is responsible for the fast growth of this weed.

Removing Japanese knotweed in your backyard or front porch or at someplace you have a concern with is not easy. It takes a lot of time and dedication, and some amount of money to eliminate this invasive plant from your property. It is not an overnight work that can be completed, some places even take months and an entire year to completely phase it out.

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