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Is it bearable to you that you live with cockroaches and termites and aunts? I am sure your answer will be no. because as a human being it is unbearable for you to live with these things which are sometimes deadly.
If we want to rank the most vibrant cities in the world. Dubai will be ranked top, in such a vibrant city if your house or office is full of Pests it would not be pretended well. For this obsession, we are here to help you out.
GLPC is one of the leading company to provide you the best services with minimum trouble.  We are just a call away from you. We deal with every kind of pests and have specialized equipment to control them.
Pests are the reality of our world they made a strong balance with nature but the infestation of these pests in a residential area it became dangerous for both.
In Dubai like cities where the standard of living is very high the infestation of termites and cockroach is not good. In old suburbs of Arab, the termites were removed by the burial of a camel bone around your house but in high rise buildings, it is impossible to bury the bone of camel.

In the world of modernization why we don’t use the modern way of removing these evils from your house/office.

GLPC possess the best equipment and best team of the operators to clean your places from pest and another dangerous thing around you. Our Sprays and other things are absolutely harmless and our workforce is specifically trained to make your life easier in the shortest time without any major disturbance.

How and what kind of pests resides in your area:

In Dubai multiple pests are found because of High temperature and moist environment Sandy environment also make presence of some types of Snakes :
A.                       Aunts:
Aunts are the most common pests resides in your house. According to the study, 20 % of the total weight of the earth is consists of Aunts. But in a common household, it is very irritating to see the aunts wondering here and there especially in the hygiene areas like Kitchen and dining hall. Moreover, the presence of Aunts can affect your house structure by making their colonies right beneath your own household. It is very dirty and filthy to be seen like grounding. To preserve your house keep your house clean and pest control procedure after the regular intervals.

B.                        Cockroaches:
Cockroaches are the insects that live in humid and moist places. In potholes and washrooms, they are found in plenty. In common cockroaches are the filthiest creators to be horrified and they are the cause of many serious diseases like Typhoid, Poliomyelitis, Dysentery, and diarrhea in sever case bleeding. To protect your loved ones from above-mentioned diseases and fear you need to tightly close the lids of Gutter, utilize pest control powders mostly at night if you have kids.

C.   Lizards:
Lizards are the most unlike and ugly reptiles present in the common house. Moreover, it can easily make anyone scream at your house. To make it impossible we have some simple suggestions. Lizards are commonly visible in hot summers in winters they are on hibernating period. To protect make possible that in your house the open holes are not visible. Cover them with aluminum foil if some of them are visible. The lizards are commonly lived in places far from eyes. So make your house dark places visited frequently and use proper pest control practice.

D.    Termites:
In deserts places like Dubai, Termites are very common. Termites commonlymake lines all over the house.  They made their hubs inside the walls and wrote all over the wooden amenities of your house. They are very dangerous because they are not even rotten your house walls and wooden thing but they left ugly marks on your beautifully painted walls.
Among all of the pest discussed above they are most dangerous and sticky. They need to treat by very high poisons mixture including Kerosene oil. Preventive measures are nearly impossible but we are able to prevent its increments.

E.    Rats:
Rats are the highest efficient disease distributor in the world. Rats contain a very high content of bacteria and badly injures the immune system of a human. In some of the areas such as your kitchens and study rats can able to make a defined destruction and health issues.
If you found any trace of any of the mentioned pests just make a call and we will be available to clean your Home.


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