Kits for Drug Detoxification – How effective are they?

You are probably wondering how reliable a drug detoxification kit is when preparing for a drug test. If in search of one, you should be prepared to find some expensive options. The price tag is not the issue here, but the effectiveness of the product that matters. With that in mind, be rest assured that you are reading the right article.

Detoxification helps your body to get rid of drugs or harmful substances. It is also the first step of rehabilitation. There are some factors to be considered when thinking about body detoxification. For instance, you need to think about how to manage withdrawal symptoms. The harshness of these symptoms will be determined by the type of drug, the duration of use, the quantity used and the general well being of your body.

If you think that a DIY detoxification plan is the best, it is necessary to understand what drug detoxification kits are all about. Not doing enough research can be dangerous to this plan. Why not learn more about marijuana detox kits that you can buy online before putting your plan into motion. This type of kit is one of the most common kits for detoxification sold online.

About Drug Detox Kits

The drug detoxification kit method is commonly used by those who want to cleanse drugs from their body systems as fast as possible. They are often marketed as detox programs, body detox packages or cleanses. These kits come in forms such as liquid, pills or a combination of the two.

There are brands that claim the ability to remove drugs permanently from the body. Some can “mask” the presence of the drugs in the body temporarily. Drug detox kits are easy solutions that you can utilize for a quick fix. However, you have to be careful about purchasing one because there are some whose side-effects outweigh the risks. Some even contain chemical compounds that can be seen as suspicious on the drug screen.

Techniques that aid drug users in producing samples that test negative to substance use have been developed. Detox kits utilize several mechanisms to beat drug tests. The term “in vivo adulteration” refers to a detoxification substance taken by an individual, leading to a transformation of chemicals in the urine.

The term “in vitro adulteration” refers to the addition of chemicals that can act on drug toxins in urine. When the chemicals cause reactions, compounds undetectable by urine tests will be produced and ultimately yield a negative result.

Cleanses can help you get rid of drug toxins from your blood and saliva too. Some varieties are specifically developed to help detoxify your system based on the level of toxicity and body mass. There are all-natural detox kits that contain vitamins, minerals and/or herbs that can cleanse your body safely and effectively. The ones that contain pre-rid tablets and liquid detox are very effective, especially when dietary fiber is included. Read more about that here.

Possible Reasons for Drug Detox

You may need to detox for various reasons. Some are listed below:
·         When a drug test is required to gain employment in an organization.
·         To avoid being penalized legally.
·         To gain admission into an educational institution/college.
·         Instruction from parents.
·         Drivers’ tests.
·         Tests conducted by probation officers.
·         Tests ordered by a doctor.
·         Tests conducted by law enforcement officers.

How Is a Medical Detox Different from a Detox Kit?

Detox kits are used by individuals without supervision, while medical detox is done with supervision at a rehab center or hospital. Medical detox involves monitoring, counselling and care from medical professionals. It is advisable to seek medical detox after using a detox kit.
The packs can be purchased online, at local drugstores or pharmacies. You may have reasons for wanting to use detox kits in the comfort of your home such as: Budget, privacy and convenience. However, there are other possible reasons that could influence your decision.

Marijuana in the Bloodstream

Marijuana users want to know how long THC can remain in the bloodstream or hair. It is important to know how much time it will take for THC to wear off without having to undergo any detoxification program. Marijuana can stay in the blood system for up to thirty days. The drug is rarely detectable in urine after a month of abstinence, but the duration may be longer for your hair. How often you use marijuana determines the duration it will be present in your bloodstream.
For one-time users or infrequent users of marijuana, THC-COOH, the metabolite targeted during a urine test, is not detectable after three days. For frequent users, the result may be negative in about seven days after abstinence. Of course, the duration is higher for heavy users.
How long THC lasts in your bloodstream is determined by the frequency of use, amount of use and your biology. THC is hidden by fat cells in the blood, which release different levels of THC-COOH over time. The level of THC in urine is determined by how much of it is in your fat cells and the rate at which it is being cleared out of these cells.

What to Do Before a Test

During detox, you should drink lots of water in order to help the detox kit in flushing THC from your fat cells. You can get a DIY marijuana test kit for personal testing. Do not go for the test feeling hungry or thirsty. This can lead to a leakage of THC from the fat cells into the bloodstream, leading to high concentration of the substance in your urine.
Avoid using masking agents which can be detected by the test. It will yield an inconclusive result which will raise suspicion or lead to the test being tagged as “failed”. It is better to well-prepared by flushing the system with an effective drug detox kit. When you get notified about an upcoming drug test, it is advisable to start detoxification as soon as possible. Remember that safety is the most important thing to consider.

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