MRI and Its Procedures

The full form of MRI us magnetic resonance imaging. This test is a very common procedure which is done worldwide these days. During an MRI procedure, the very strong magnetic field is used and then some radio waves are created so that it can give some very detailed images of the tissues and organs present in a human body.

These days, some refined MRI technologies are used on the hospitals and they can be of huge help when it comes to other medical procedures as well. The doctors can any time prescribe an MRI scan Mumbai and this is mainly done because the doctors might trying to find something present in the human body which is not possible to find out with the help of normal X rays and scan processes.
When one talks about the MRI test they should know that:
  • A person named Raymond Damadian was the one who first created a scanner which was able to do a full body MRI and the name of that scanner was Indomitable.
  • Japan as a country has the higher number of MRI scan machines as of now.
  • The MRI procedure is always non invasive in nature and thus this procedure in always painless.
  • The MRI machine which is costliest till date can be priced more than 7 million dollars.
  • This MRI scan is always a painless and a non invasive procedure.
What is an MRI?

As it has been mentioned earlier, it is a test procedure which actually produces a lot of detailed images of the interior organs of a human body. Here, a scan machine is used which has the largest magnet, a computer and radio waves which can effectively create some detailed and cross sectional images of the internal organs and the structures of a human body. In this case, the scan machine looks like a large tube which also has a table in the middle of it where the patient lies and then the table slides inside the machine.

One should know that an MRI test is always different than that of regular CT scans and X rays and in this test no harmful ionizing radiations are used. An MRI is mainly prescribed to find out if there is:
  • Anomalities of the spinal cord or brain.
  • In case of women one can find out whether they have breast cancers or not.
  • If there are any cysts, tumours and other problems present in the body.
  • Detecting a few types of heart issues.
  • The evaluation of the pelvic pain in a woman’s body which can cause endometriosis and fibroids.
  • If there is any type of abnormality or injury in the back and knee joints.
  • If there is any uterine anomalies and if there is any evaluation of infertility.
  • If there is any kind of disease in the liver and in the abdominal organs.
A person has to arrive in the hospital and then the doctor or the lab assistant asks them to remove their clothes and then wear some loose hospital gowns instead. The magnet that is used during the test is a very strong one and so one should not carry any kind of metal objects near the scanner. That is why; the doctor asks the patients to remove if they have any kind of metal accessories like metal jewelleries with them or wearing them. These things can interfere with the procedure of the machines.

There are some people who have metal stains or other metal objects inside their body and if that is there then it can be difficult for them to go for an MRI. Like if one has things like pacemakers, cochlear implants, aneurysm clips or any other things present inside their body then they need to tell the doctor immediately when the test is prescribed to them and then the doctor can take a call on that.
If someone is nervous or anxious about the enclosed spaces then they also should let the doctor know about it. In many cases like these the doctors tend to prescribe some medicines before the MRI test so that the procedure becomes more comfortable. They can also give the patients some injections through which the contrast dye can be sent to the tissue of the body so that the doctors can get relevant test results at the end.

When the patient is ready to take the test then after entering the scanning room the lab assistant will help the patient to lie down on the table and then all the necessary comforts will be provided there. One can also go for a pair of ear plugs or head phones if they think that the constant thumping of the machine is bothering the patients. When the patient enters the scanner, the MRI technicians start the procedure and they keep communicating with the patient through the intercom to check whether they are comfortable or not. Then they go ahead with the scanning procedure.

During the time of the scan the patient should stay still and it is very important to do that. If there is any kind of movement then it will disrupt the images. There can be loud noise from the scanner when the machine starts working and the patient might need to hold their breath while some images are taken. If the patient feels a bit uncomfortable while the test then they can request the lab assistant to stop the process. After a halt they can start the scanning again.

It is known that the MRI test machine has 2 very powerful magnets and they are very crucial for the machine. These magnets mainly pass some electricity through the gradient coils and then the coils and then the machine starts to vibrate and create a very strong magnetic field which creates a thumping sound inside the scanner.

One can choose the best MRI centre in Mumbai and go for the test here. They need to do some prior appointments for that.

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