Here are some important details that you need to know about immunology during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the immune system start changing in a way so that it is able to project both the mother and the baby from all kinds of diseases. There are certain parts of the immune system that get enhanced whereas there are certain other parts that get suppressed during this time. This certainly creates some sort of a balance that prevents the baby from getting infected and this happens without the health of the mother getting affected in any way.

In order to ensure that the embryo gets properly implanted there are certain cells that start invading the lines of the womb. This finally leads to a provocative cascade that is very similar to the occurrences that happen at the time of the healing of the wound. If the inflammation does not occur, in such a case implantation will not be able to proceed. This is the reason why the molecules causing inflammation are so very much important during the time of pregnancy.

The developing fetus grows very rapidly during the first 15 weeks of your pregnancy. There are certain fetal cells that mostly express the antigens and these mostly originate from the father of the baby. In normal circumstances the immune system of the mother would recognize these to be foreign and start attacking the cells. There are certain specialized form of white blood cells that actively promote the anti - inflammatory environment and these ensure that they project the fetal cells in the best and the most effective way. You can also take certain medicine for immunology while pregnant.

Low levels of T cells lead to miscarriage

It has been observed that during the last stage of pregnancy, the immune system starts switching back to a pro- inflammatory state. If this does not happen, the mother will not be able to go into labor. Preterm labor normally happens when the immune system of the mother responds in an abnormal way.

The behavior of the immune system of the mother depends on a number of factors and according to the scientists the micro biome has a very important role to play during this stage. The placenta is basically called the maternal fetal interface and it acts as an anatomical barrier between the baby as well as the mother who actually have separate circulatory system. Apart from this the placenta has a number of mediators as well as the immune cells and the roles that these cells play during pregnancy is certainly different from each other. Treatment of immunology in pregnancy is essential to have a safe pregnancy.

This is how you improve the immune system during pregnancy
  • Iron is one of the most important minerals and if you take plenty of iron during pregnancy, your immune system will certainly improve. Apart from taking iron supplements, you can also take a lot of green leafy vegetables that have a lot of iron content in them.
  • Vitamin D also helps in improving the immune system and you should ensure that you increase the intake of Vitamin D during pregnancy.
  • Adding some pro biotics to your meal will also help in improving the immune system.
If you follow the steps mentioned above, dealing with your immune system during pregnancy will be much easier.

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