How a CT Scan is Done and What is The Need Of It

When one thinks of a CT scan the full form of it is actually a computerized topography which is a set of combination of different X rays that are taken from different angles of the patient’s body and then a computer processes it to create a cross sectional images of those blood vessels, bone and soft tissues present inside the human body. Actually it is a detailed and more accurate version of regular X rays.

A CT scan is advised to be done due to many reasons as it has many reasons. This particular test is very much suited to examine the people who are suffering from some internal injuries due to some sort of trauma or due to some car accidents or physical attacks. This particular test is done to visualise all the parts of the body and then the doctor diagnose the disease and according to that they plan any kind of surgical or medical treatment which is necessary. One can do some best CT scan in Mumbai to get accurate results so that there is not problem in further diagnosis.

Why a CT scan is done?

There are many reasons why a doctor can recommend a CT scan to a patient. They are as follows:
·         To diagnose any kind of bone and muscle disorders like some unseen fractures or bone tumours.
·         In order to find out the exact location of any tumour or any blood clots.
  • To get a proper guidance on how to go ahead with a radiation therapy, a biopsy or a surgery.
  • To detect and monitor certain conditions like heart diseases, cancer and lover masses.
  • In order to detect if there is any internal injury and if there is any internal bleeding due to that.

Now what are the side effects which one can face when they are undergoing a CT scan? Well, the radiation exposure is the most prominent one. When a CT scan is done on a body then it is briefly exposed to some ionizing radiation. The amount of radiation received here is much more than which is received in regular X rays but at the same time this CT scan test can get some more detailed information about the condition. But the radiation that is used for CT scans are also of low dose but still there can still be a small increase in the potential risk of cancer. These days also many faster machines have been introduced and new techniques are followed which needs very less amount of radiation.

Things to tell your doctor before going for a CT scan

There are certain situations which the doctors should be aware about the patient when they are recommending a CT scan to them.
  • The doctor needs to know if the patient is pregnant or not. though there is a very feeble chance that the foetus will get affected by the radiation of the CT scan but the doctor after knowing the condition may suggest some other tests instead of a CT scan.
  • Sometimes during CT scan procedure, a certain special dye it used to conduct the test and it is known as the contrast. This is a liquid which a patient undergoing CT scan has to drink before the test or it can also be injected in the form of an injection through the veins in the rectum or in the arm. But this can also cause some allergic reactions if the patient is sensitive to that contrast material. In most cases the reactions are mild and it can lead to certain itchiness and rashes. But if it is a heavy allergic reaction then it can be very serious and fatal. So, one has to tell the doctor before hand if they have a tendency in reacting to contrast materials.
How to get ready for a CT scan?

This completely depends on which part of the body of an individual will be going under the test.
In most cases, the patient has to take off all the clothing and wear a hospital gown. Then they should also remove all the material objects that are in contact with them like jewellery, belts, watches, eyeglasses and dentures because this can interfere with the image results later. Also one has to stop eating or drinking anything a few hours before the test.

What is a contrast material and how it is used?

It is a kind of a special dye which is sometimes needed in case of CT scan tests so that they can highlight the inner areas of the body that has to be examined. These contrast materials block the X rays and appears white on the images which in turn gives more emphasis on the intestines, blood vessels and other structures.

These are the possible ways by which a contrast can be inserted in a human body.

By mouth

If a patient’s stomach or oesophagus has to be examined that one has to swallow the contrast liquid but this drink might taste a bit unpleasant.

By injection

This can also be injected through the vein in the arm when certain organs like urinary tract, gallbladder, blood vessels and liver has to be examined by a CT scan. When this happens, one can feel a certain metallic taste in the mouth.

By enema

Here the contrast material is injected through the rectum so that the intestinal part of the human body becomes visible. But this procedure can make the patient feel a bit bloated.

If one is preparing their toddlers for a CT scan, then sometimes the doctors might suggest a light sedative so that the child can remain still and calm. Remaining still in this test is very important because otherwise, the images may come out as blurry.

A proper CT scan generally takes half an hour to get completed and this is completely a painless method that one has to undergo.

One can go for the best CT scan centre in Mumbai after the doctor recommends them to do so.

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