Is vaginal discharge harmless during pregnancy?

Leucorrhoea is the medical term which is mainly used to describe vaginal discharges. This mainly happens during pregnancy. It is a very thick and white or yellowish discharge which mostly pregnant women experience in place of periods and it is generally harmless.
But one might have some inquisitiveness regarding what leucorrhoea is during pregnancy and what is normal or abnormal about it.

Now the first and foremost question is what exactly us a vaginal discharge. Well, this is something that most women face at some point of their life. In most of the cases it is a very normal thing and it does not require any kind of medical attention. The very common cause of this discharge is some change in hormonal levels during the menstrual cycles. The consistency of this discharge changes when there is ovulation. When the woman is not ovulating the vaginal discharge is kind if thick and sticky. When one is about to ovulate or when they are ovulating this same discharge changes into some thin and stretchy film which helps the sperm to travel towards the eggs. This might stay for a couple of days or even stretch to a couple of weeks in many cases. Though this white discharge is considered to be quite normal, but sometimes it may cause some discomfort, irritation, foul odour and itching.

Here are some major causes for vaginal discharge in women:                                                          
·         Pregnancy
·         Infections in the vagina, mostly yeast infections
·         Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle
·         Allergy due to use of douches, soaps, lotions or talcum powders
·         Due to trichomoniasis; which is a parasitic infection that might be contracted during unprotected sex
·         STDs or sexually transmitted diseases
·         Use of antibiotics or steroids
·         Pelvic infections
·         Consumption of birth control pills or oral contraceptives
·         Unhygienic conditions like a tampon left on for too long or not changing your underwear often.
·         Diabetes or other metabolic disorders
·         Trauma or injury to the vagina
·         Menopause
·         Cervical cancer

The normal vaginal discharges during pregnancy as it has been said earlier are termed as Leucorrhoea. This mostly comes from cervix which is the neck of the uterus or the womb o=for the baby. It is perfectly normal to have more vaginal discharges when one is pregnant. But what is considered normal is an odourless or mild smelling thick creamy white discharge or milky white vaginal discharge. But if it starts changing its colours, then it becomes a matter of concern.

The vaginal discharge that a woman faces during pregnancy is very much similar to the ones that women face in between periods. But this one is slightly heavier in texture. This discharge mostly protects the birth canal from getting infection attacks and maintains a good balance of flora and bacteria in the vagina.

When one asks that what is leucorrhoea in early pregnancy it is actually the normal discharge in the first trimester. There also might be no discharge at all. But it mostly becomes heavier around 12th or 13th week of pregnancy.

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