Shampoo Your Way to Dandruff Free Hair

Getting rid of the annoying itching and embarrassing flaking is easier to get rid of than you might think. With the right shampoo and hair care regime you can say goodbye to dandruff forever and keep your scalp healthy and happy. So, here are our tips and tricks to help you achieve a dandruff free scalp and healthy, luscious hair.

·         Choose the right shampoo

The main cause of dandruff is the overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus called malassezia. This fungus mainly feeds on the natural oils (sebum) that is secreted by our sebaceous glands and hair follicles to protect, moisturize and nourish our scalp and hair. A regular shampoo can only clean your scalp but cannot help you with dandruff at all as it does nothing to fight the fungus. So, it is imperative for you to choose an anti dandruff shampoo which has an active ingredient to fight malassezia. Ketoconazole found in ketomac anti dandruff shampoo is a very potent anti fungal ingredient which will relive you from dandruff very easily.

·         Brush your hair

When you have dandruff the life cycle of your skin cells is very short. This is why you have so much of dead cell shed off of your scalp. However, quite of lot of dead cells and grime build up into your scalp. Brushing your hair regularly and especially, before shampooing your hair helps to loosen up the gunk from your scalp.

·         Use lukewarm water

Avoid using hot or even warm water to wash your hair. Lukewarm water is perfect to not only helpful to loosen the dirt further but also helps in opening up the pores which help in better absorption of whatever product you choose to use later.

·         Lather and massage

Pour a coin size amount of your women’s or men’s dandruff shampoo into your palm and rub your palm together to work in into a rich lather before massaging it into your scalp. Make sure to concentrate in your scalp where the problem lies and then work your way to the hair shaft. Flipping your head downwards eases this process and helps with blood circulation as well. 

·         Leave it on

After massaging your scalp for a good amount of time leave the shampoo in your scalp for at least 5 minutes so the active ingredient can show its magic. Ketoconazole works by deterring the synthesis of ergosterol which weakens the cell membrane of the fungus. Once the cell membrane is weak enough the contents of the cell drains out and results in the death of the fungus.

·         Rinse, condition, rinse

Once you have let your shampoo sit for a while, wash off every bit of it thoroughly with lukewarm water so the hair shaft is ready to absorb the goodness of your conditioner. Choose a rich hair mask or conditioner which is moisturizing and nourishing. Apply it only to the lengths of your hair, concentrating on the ends. Leave it one for the recommended time and finally wash your hair with cold water to seal in the moisture.

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