SEO Related Myths and the Need to Eliminate Old SEO Habits

SEO or Search Engine Optimization as it is known is considered to be a continuous evolving approach to help the website to be on the first page results of the leading search engines.
It has become a crucial component of any B2B content marketing strategy and to achieve sure success for the business. But there are some unnecessary myths that are to be understood and done away with to ensure that the out-dated SEO habits are not used.
Know SEO Myths
·         More is better

When optimizing websites, more content and pages on the site is not better always. It is a wrong belief that sites having plenty of contents are rewarded by search engines.

The truth is high-quality content sites are rewarded by the search engines and not those having a high quantity of content. Hence, the focus should be to create quality content which will better resonate with the target market.

·         Only a single approach for SEO

It is quite frustrating, especially when facing those amateur companies offering unrealistic SEO promises. No ‘best way’ does exist when trying to implement SEO on any B2B site design. The reason is the generalist idea exists as to what the search engines are seeking for.

However, it is not known. As there is uncertainty pertaining to search engine algorithm, often there are various schools of thought as to how SEO needs to be approached. Hence, these tactics are to be followed.

Testing the site will help to understand what will work perfectly for its optimization and achieve better results.

·         The page could rank only for a single term:

For every page, there needs to be single or couple of primary keyword phrases. Multiple keyword phrases in a page also can do better. Search engines have realized the relationship that exists among the semantically similar type of keywords.

Therefore, a well-crafted page found in B2B web design does have similar keyword phrases that appear on the page, which starts to rank for multiple keywords. The properly crafted web page needs to focus primarily on a single keyword phrase.

 Including secondary keyword phrase is fine which will be relevant naturally to the page’s central theme.

·         SEO is meant for search engines

Optimization is not meant for search engines, but to help the website to reach the right people through the search engines. Its purpose along with that of B2B content marketing strategy is to enhance the site, make it transparent and easily accessible.

Thus the brand is made visible to those seeking services or products. It is essential to understand that SEO is performed for the end user and just not to impress Bing or Google.
Why stop using old SEO habits?
SEO meant for B2B content marketing has been adapting and evolving continuously. It is crucial for visibility of the website and categorization. With people getting savvier with their web searches, it becomes essential to develop a fabulous user experience with regards to finding the business site and navigating it.
The best SEO Company in India can help provide education to those who seek to change their focus to have a successful website.

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