4 Quick Tips to Buy a Digital Watch

What is a digital watch? A digital watch is just like your friend, who accompanies you on all your adventures and vacations; diving with you, climbing mountains with you, jumping off planes with you...

There are many features which make it a playful companion to have. It can help you measure temperatures on that cold night, set an alarm for you for that early morning hike, help you find directions with its in-build compass, be your barometer, tell you the time across many geographies, measure the altitude you are at and so much more. A digital watch is created to work in tough conditions, which will make sure that it lasts you through all your adventures!

With the many choices available in the market, at different price points by various brands, how does one make the choice? Read on for our tips which can come in handy while you explore on the internet or have a conversation with that salesman.

  1. Scratch resistant: A tough nut to crack
A good digital watch should last many years of burnout, shock & impact of the many outdoor adventures & activities it will see. The reading area glass should be of great quality so that it can stay free of scratches and the appearance doesn’t diminish over time.

For these reasons, it is very important that you buy a digital watch from a well-known brand, as you can be rest assured of the multiple tests the digital watch would have undergone; to make sure the material withstands extreme conditions.

  1. Accuracy of time: The seconds matter!
There are 3 methods by which a watch can operate to show time : mechanical, digital or quartz. For a digital watch, accuracy is extremely important. You may be coordinating locations with others, going on long adventures, amongst other things. The last thing you want is to reset your timepiece at specific durations. You need it to work perfectly well, and show you accurate measurements.

In this regard, digital or quartz movements perform better as compared to mechanical movements. Do keep it in mind, as you narrow down on your choices.

  1. The digits or hands should be luminescent: Shine on!
Sometimes, the digital watch will have a ‘lights on’ button. That’s not what you want. You need to specifically check for luminescent digits on your digital watch.

The last thing you want to do is reach out for that button in the dark. This feature will come as a great help while skiing, snowboarding, and swimming, holding a fishing rod or just about any adventure sport which utilizes your hands. You would want the ease of just moving your eyes in the direction of the watch, and be able to read what’s on that dial.

  1. Water resistant & pressure resistant. Yes, those are two different things!
The amount of pressure that a watch can handle is measured in ATMs which means atmospheres. This is not the same as meters which is the depth under water. What this means is that, you can be in the shower and the water speed can create a higher pressure than 10 meters under water.

While buying a digital watch, do check on the ATMs while you look at the meters of depth it can last underwater. ATMs will be more crucial to the performance.

Now that you know what are most important things to keep in mind as you look for your mens watches or ladies watches in the digital watch space? It is time to answer the next question a lot of you may have in mind. How much should I spend?

Honestly, there’s no right or wrong answer to that. It all depends on what you are looking for. It is a brand that speaks of luxury while providing the benefits of a digital watch, or a brand which may not be driven by exclusivity but still provides you with some great features.

Our top picks for the affordable range (Under INR 12,000) are:

  1. CASIO G Shock Standard Digital
This one has quartz movement, with the glass made of Mineral Crystal which is sure to last you many years. The watch is water resistant up to 200 meters. This is a great choice for an affordable mens watch in this segment.

  1. CASIO G Shock Professional
This watch is one of the best buys towards the top of our affordable range. It is completely mud-resistant & shock resistant, while providing you water resistance of up to 200 meters. It also comes with a built-in thermometer.

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