Morbid Obesity And gastritis

If the body mass index of an individual is found toexceed 35, the person is known to suffer from morbid obesity. Body mass index estimates the body fat of the person. This is an indication of how much healthy you are, in terms of your body weight. However BMI is just supposed to give an approximate idea of the average weight range in accordance to a person’s height. Any person who gains weight beyond what is considered normal, is at risk of morbid obesity.

The calories earned by eating food is used by the body to run different body functions. But while an individual is at rest, energy is needed to run digestion of foods, to pump the heart to keep breathing etc. Hence most of the calories are used up in everyday activities. But still the body stores some calories as fat. When a person eats too much the fat content rises, because in such an individual most of the calories are not needed for the activities he performs. The fat build up continues, as the person eats more and more and does not exercise. Thus morbid obesity or obesity are both a resultant of excess fat stored in the body.Gastric Bypass surgery cost in India is quite less in comparison to other countries. The surgery is mostly done in amorbidly obesepersonwho’s life is at risk.

Antidepressant medications can also make the person to gain more weight. Hypothyroidism also leads to weight gain. But it all depends upon a person how much he or sheconsumes, and how much you one can restrain themselves from eating too much. Thus it happens to be a matter of control, in a normal healthy person to be overweight. Although there is not much empirical evidence regarding the relationship between weight gain and genetic factors. Howeverthe latter are believed to be to play a significant role in managing how much energy can be stored by the body. However the eating habits of a person, and his daily activities obviously play a role.

Many people have a bad habit of munching continuously, and find it very difficult to restrict themselves. Needless to say they find it very difficult to maintain a proper body weight, and are at a greater risk of being overweight. An individual who is found consecutively inactive at his job, a person who never exercises, does not involve himself in any type of physical activities, sits idle, and has bizarre planning of meals, have entirely messed up the concept ofnormal body weight. Psychological factors like stress, frustration, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, insomnia, etc. spoils the proper functioning of enzymes and hormones, thus leading to improper weight gain.

After a chain smoker quits he might experience a temporary weight gain. Weight gained during pregnancy is difficult to lose for women. Also menopause might bring additional weight gain. These things if not controlled in the early stage, and made to advance beyond limits certainly constitute the onset of morbid obesity.

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