Know How To Save Your Knees

Knee replacement surgery is  something that has become very popular in India. When the limbs are associated with surgery, more often than not, people shy away from it because they fear losing the capacity of movement which further aggravates the pain and can lead to severe diseases.

What can culminate into a knee replacement surgery.

1.    A knee sprain that has been left unattended. If the fibrous tissues around the knee are torn or stretched out then immediate care must be taken or else it may require knee replacement.
2.    Sometimes there might be a torn ligament in the knee which is associated with swelling and redness.
3.    Knee displacement also requires knee replacement
4.    Osteoarthritis, which affects both young and  old people which occurs when flexible tissues wear down.
5.    If you notice severe joint pain or swelling then that might be bursitis where the fluid pads that connect two joints become inflammated.

What to do after a knee replacement surgery

1.    Ease into the procedure. Complete rest must be advocated for atleast a week. Indians have a tendency to be restless at all times and hence must be asked to give that energy a little bit of restraint.
2.    Yoga. Yoga is the healthiest change you can make to your body. Yoga not only helps with losing weight and stress relief but also helps the replaced knee to recover faster and get the mobility and flexibility that was once missing.
3.    Physiotherapy sessions can be conducted at home. Many apps can now be used to book professional physiotherapists just like you use them to book cabs.
4.    Make sure you ask your surgeon the type of diet you should or should not follow. Sometimes surgeons put you on a diet if you're overweight so that your body does not put added pressure on your newly operated knee.
5.    Make sure that your knee does not get infected and you take the precautions as advocated by the doctor. A knee that has been recently operated upon is very vulnerable to bacteria entering from the stitched up wound.

Best excercises to strengthen the knee

1.    Start with the basics first. Warming up is of utmost importance. If you don't warm up you might end up tearing a  ligament
2.    Start with wall push-ups. A beginner does not have the arm strength to pursue push ups in one go.
3.    Calf raises and air cycling.
4.    Squats and situps help a person to strengthen the glutes.
5.    Hamstrings which are located in our legs help support the knees. Hamstring excercises like lunges help to make it flexible and also helps in combating arthritis.
6.    Jogging. Jogging is the best way to keep your legs in check. Jogging a mile everyday helps to make your legs strong and not susceptible to injury unless you trip and do it more damage.
7.    Walking up and down the stairs. Start by taking the stairs instead of the lift and  then slowly make it an everyday habit to climb 10 flights of stairs everyday. It's the best form of cardio and will require less than 15 minutes  from your schedule.

Knee replacement surgery is one of the common surgeries in India with very less risk factors associated with  it and must be looked at with a positive mindset

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